Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Am i selfish?

im not in a really good shape actually
dua tiga empat mlm ni asyik fikir about 'this thing'
it's complicated...
Aku sangat2 lah tak tau nak cakap apa bila 'dia' tanya aku tentang benda ni..
it kinda a bit of sensitive to me if it involve someone to leave me
i know, i might be selfish because i cant let her go
and i know it is for her own go0d
it always a but
i need her my side..
always there...tak beralih..
supaya i can talk to her whenever i want
if she leave it would be hard..really3x hard..
i can live without a man by my side
but i cant live without her..
am i being selfish or something?
seresly???help me..

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