Friday, March 12, 2010

I dont know!!

dear angel..
hmmm...dah lme x menaip!!..actually byk bnde nk cer..
tp x i dont want anyone in sabda know bout this..
but 1st of all..i already here at my lovely house, home sweet home..
second..i hate me 4 being stupid all a long..
knp org ssh nk appreciate ape yg kita buat??
aku x fhm..aku x mntq dpuji...just say thank..slh ke??
aku x tau mybe aku yg slh or dier..
hati aku sakit macam di siat2...
ade sape2 amik kisah??? tell me i want to know!!!
please really tell me!!
i wish awin could be here..
listening to every single words i said..
n every single tears that drops!!!... exam was worse..hate it!!3xsoooo much..
i must study hard...make sure i got 9A+....
that is my promise..
no A2, no I2.....NEVER!!