Tuesday, March 13, 2012

That Person.

I ache when I see him,
I ache when I can't see him
I'm miserable when he's here
and I'm miserable when he's not
I'm miserable when he smiles at me
and I'm miserable when he smiles at others
If he calls my name, I'm miserable
If he don't call my name, I'm miserable
As long as the earth doesn't swallow me up this instant,
I will continue to be miserable
but I would rather have him here
Then I can act like I can't stand him
That would be better than not having him here

and yes, I'll like him
no matter where he goes
no matter what women come to his life
even if I'm not a part of his life anymore

because to me if it meant to be then it won't matter


Jodoh itu rahsia Allah,
sekuat mana kita setia,
sehebat mana kita menunggu,
sekeras mana kita bersabar,
sejujur mana kita menerima dia,
Jika Allah S.W.T tidak menulis JODOH kita bersama dia, kita tetap tidak akan bersama dengannya.

Hati aku milik Allah, hati dia pun milik Allah
Jadi hanya Allah yang boleh ubah hati dia

Thursday, March 1, 2012

To dear That Guy!

For a very long time, nothing seemed fun to me from the moment I opened my eyes. But now, whenever I would turn my head, there would be someone I’d see who’d lift my spirits. What was I? I didn’t dare to hope for anything. No matter where I went, If that person was there, that was enough for me. Because even I didn’t see him for a little while, I’d be as happy to see him again as if I hadn’t see him for a century or even a millennia. That was enough for me. But was that hoping for that much to prevent me from seeing him. When just seeing him was enough.

Yes, I like him

No matter where he goes

No matter what women come to his life

Even if I’m not a part of his life anymore