Thursday, March 1, 2012

To dear That Guy!

For a very long time, nothing seemed fun to me from the moment I opened my eyes. But now, whenever I would turn my head, there would be someone I’d see who’d lift my spirits. What was I? I didn’t dare to hope for anything. No matter where I went, If that person was there, that was enough for me. Because even I didn’t see him for a little while, I’d be as happy to see him again as if I hadn’t see him for a century or even a millennia. That was enough for me. But was that hoping for that much to prevent me from seeing him. When just seeing him was enough.

Yes, I like him

No matter where he goes

No matter what women come to his life

Even if I’m not a part of his life anymore

1 comment:

aween said...

sedeh bace.. its here for u :)).. good things happens to those who waits right? <3