Friday, May 29, 2009

you are here!!SESBADA

You are here not to impress anyone, but to improve everyone.
You are here not to grab all you can, but to give all you are.
You are here not to regret where you've been or
worry about
where you are going.
You are here to live with all the fullness and richness
you can imagine.

You are here to question, to answer, to search and to find.
You are here to love, to experience, to know and to share.
You are here to create, to encourage, to build and grow
and support.
You are here to think, to act, and by so doing to make life
all the more meaningful by way of your presence.

You are here now, able to do all these things and
more in this very moment.
Go far, far beyond those pretenses and anxieties that
only serve to weigh you down.

You are here now,
and the possibilities are everything you could ever imagine.
Live them, here, now.

go0d morning!!

A Smile costs nothing but gives much.
It takes but a moment,
But the memory of it sometimes lasts forever.
It cannot be bought,
Begged, borrowed, or stolen,
For it is something
That is of no value to anyone
Until it is given away..
Some people are too tired to give you a smile.
Give them one of yours,
As none needs a smile as much
As he who has no more to give.

hey i'm back!!

i'm already at home surfing internet..
it 6.52 a.m.
actually i already arrived at home at 4.45 p.m on friday

now i'm here in the wonderful morning..
you know what my new school r a lot cooler than the old one..
hehe..but dont worry i still love the old one..
i had a lot of new friend some of them r a bit weird
and i never see anyone acting like that at my old lovely school..and
i found a new secret admire too..hehe..

i love my new teachers a lot..
they are s00ooo friendly..
love them..
i hope they gonna teach me until i grad on that school..
love sesbada but still missing smksu..

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm going away to SMS BAGAN DATOH!!!

to my friend..

The hardest part of any friendship is
when it's time to say goodbye.
As much as we might like things to stay the same,
change is an inevitable part of life.
The universe may seem huge
and the rift between friends may seem a great distance.
There are many tools available with which we can communicate,
but even without these tools there is
a secret that only real friends know,and it is this.
All the mountains and valleys in the world
cannot separate friends whose hearts are as one.

ahhh...i really sad to leave all of my friend at smksu
i gonna miss them damn fucking much..
awin cannot call me again
i gonna miss my family a lot..
actually everyone especially R2..
hope he gonna be go0d...

ok bm plak hahaha..
aku dpt tawaran SMS BAGAN DATOH,PERAK..
khamis 14 MEI aku bertolak tp aku g ddk 2minggu jer
ps2 cuti...rindu kat sume org sgt....
doakan aku yer!!!!

sep2 chayok!!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Exam start already!!scared

Hmmm.. Well.. Thursday i got the exam.. Well..
At least I remember the subjects..

The subject Bahasa Melayu paper 2 and 1..
I dont know whether i wrote the right answer..
Cause the Bahasa Melayu paper quite tough.

Think until my brain wanna expload already

Especially when the 'karangan' part..
Farah said she likes siting for 10 subject paper

when answering Bahasa Melayu.

Tomorrow it would be time for English..

I'm not really good in English

My grammar is all over

Awin said that when she read my blog
I hope i cant get A's for English

It really tough for me to get an A for English..
Okey i wanna go get ready for the exam tomorrow..

Wish me good luck!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Its mid-year term exam time
one my most hated times of the year..

its time 4 me 2 study n study(duh!!)
and try 2 answer as many
questions as possible 2 pass...

Yet it is such a tiring job
I never liked memorizing things..
I hate it so much!!
hope I wont fail any of my subjects(there 10 of it)

All I want 2 say now is that!!!
Exams are SUCK(arrr!!!)

u wanna know why???

20 reasons why exams SUCK:

  1. You don’t get the mood to study during the study holidays…amidst all the holiday planning… so you do good ol’ 12th hour preparation.
  2. 2 days before the exam, you can’t find your syllabus book.
  3. When you actually locate it, you realize that you don’t have material for half the subjects.
  4. You get into a frenzy of panic and take deep breaths.
  5. You call up your friend who lives nearby.
  6. She doesn’t have it either.
  7. Then she gets psyched out and you end up consoling her, feeling a hell lot better.
  8. After hanging up, you forget the whole purpose of the call…
  9. After gathering all the relevant material, you look into the pages and wonder how Lord Murphy could write Greek and Latin, and that too in your syllabus!
  10. You skip a few topics. [Given the hectic schedule of panicking and mugging alternatively].
  11. The very same topics appear in the @#&^ing paper … that too in the detail section.
  12. You walk out of the hall with a firm resolve to gather material in time prior to the next exam.
  13. You runaway from the scene when your friends and classmates do a post-mortem of the question paper … who the @#$% wants to remember it anyway???
  14. You spend sleepless nights during exam seasons…
  15. You do the next exam very well.
  16. You try to enjoy your holidays … but the thoughts of results always linger in your mind.
  17. When the results do come out …and you realise the whole ordeal was not worth it ! You fare better in the paper you thought you screwed up in and get mediocre marks in the paper you thought you’d ace.
  18. You use expurgated words to describe the soul who corrected your papers as well as the university…
  19. You pen down similar and other such useless thoughts on the eve of an exam…. get close to nervous breakdowns when you get the news that …. Exams are postponed !!!!
  20. Twenty reasons aint enough!!! I can give you infinite reasons why exams SUCK!!!