Monday, February 16, 2009


Banyak bangat keje s
i'm tired n exhausted...a
now i'm doing my homework..
it's english hw...

i'm not really in the mood....arrr!!
this how i look right now

Anyway, I found something to post about that doesn't require pictures. We had English lesson and one of the activities from the textbook was to think about:

  • 10 ways to lose a friend
  • Splash his/her secrets out right after he/she tells it to you.
  • Call his/her parents and tell them that he/she is doing drugs or watches porn.
  • Take any of his/her things without permission. Keep what you like and dispose what you don't.
  • Constantly tell him/her their hairstyle looks horribly ugly. Even if they change it or shave bald, still insist that their heads look horribly ugly.
  • Discourage him/her in everything he/she does even though he/she is good at it.
  • Borrow money all the time and never return it.
  • Plagiarize his/her work and then frame them for plagiarism instead.
  • Constantly ask them for the time and make it obvious that you're wearing a watch.
  • Pinch him/her from time to time and then put on your most innocent face each time you do it and say you didn't mean to.
  • Spread rumours like he is already a father at 17/she is no longer a virgin.

but u can do this

10 ways to convince a friend that you are the best friend he/she ever have

1. Be Kind. Always treat people with kindness and humility.

2. Be Accommodating/Hospitable.

3. Always pretend as if you like to listen to his/her not-so-interesting stories

4. Be respectful. Remember that respect begets respect

5. Laugh with him/her. After all laughter is the best medicine (any connection?)

6. Try to be with him/her when he/she needs someone to talk to. ALways be at his/her side.

7. Be sensitive but never should you be over sensitive, Too much of everything is not good.

8. Praise him/her. If he/she needs to be praised for a job well done then he/she deserves it.

9. Have some time to talk about your lives - family, friends, etc. In short, try to know him/her

10. Trust him/her. This may be difficult but if he/she is worth to be trusted then why not give him/her a chance!

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