Thursday, February 26, 2009


Its exam time once again
(after such a TIRING PMR exam)AHH!!
one my most hated times of the year..

its 4 me 2 study
and try 2 answer as many
questions as possible 2 pass...

Yet it is such a tiring job
I never liked memorizing things it makes me a bit worry
hope I wont fail any of my subjects(there 10 of it)
All I want 2 say now is that!!!
Exams really are irritating(arrr!!!)
but it is one of the ways
and means 2 measure...
and try 2 predict ur future
It is 2 test what u’ve learned this past few months
and it is very important
if ur worried about ur future!!

i could wait to meet my bestfwen(at last)
this saturday
miss her so much....
ahh..why she must go to that school??
now i can tell her everything that happen(including the fight)
(duh!!)since her gone!!!
awien did not come to school today..
mybe coz she wake up 'too early'!!!

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