Saturday, February 28, 2009


today i couldnt meet my bff coz she had smthing to do first...

but i was gone to awien house to study + math
for the exam(duh!!)
it's getting nearer and i'm getting even scarer!!!
i said it in a g0oood way...hehehe...
huh!! b0ut iena i'm actually not really sad coz tommorow
we actually will meet at ....(dont know)
but still i will meet her coz she promise she will meet me,a few hour a go
she not promise she just said it but i know she will do it..
coz she love me(in the friend kind of way,we not les----)

hehehe...!!actually my brain is not really functioning in a g0ood way

it midnight already i need my beauty sleep
but i'm not really sleepy coz i wake up late today dont tell my mom(my dad too)
she will be mad at me, she dont even know bout this
coz i slept at my cousin house(hehehe)
it late already my dad start to babling to me maybe i should stop
and get my beauty sleep now..

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