Sunday, November 15, 2009

easy to get angry

It is easy to get angry with those who

criticize you.

But it is better to listen and to consider

what they have to say.

If the criticism is completely misdirected

and unfounded, then you can simply let it go.

Yet often it can be valuable and productive

to objectively consider what your

critics are thinking.

The worst response to criticism is to

become angry, insulted and defensive.

For by doing so, you actually give more

power and credibility to that criticism.

Instead, listen carefully and appreciatively

to what your critics have to say.

Even if the criticism is decidedly negative,

somewhere there are positive insights

that you can gain from it.

Don't let your ego prevent you from

learning something valuable.

Being receptive to criticism strengthens

your confidence and

can improve your competence.

Choose to know and understand what others

think of you.

Instead of getting angry and defensive over

the words of others,

choose to listen, consider and grow stronger

because of them.

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